Fee Agreement

This Agreement is entered into between the undersigned (Client) and Advance Investments Group for the purpose of hiring Advance Investments Group to prepare, file, and pursue for Client an Application for Reduction of Assessment (Application) for the fiscal 2014/2015 property taxes on the below-listed property (Property) that is owned by Client.

Advance Investments Group shall be solely responsible for the filing fees to the Assessment Appeals Board, the research and preparation of the Application, its submission to the County Assessment Appeals Board and/or the Assessor’s Office directly and such follow up as reasonably necessary to obtain a favorable determination from the Assessor’s Office. Client understands that Advance Investments Group cannot guarantee that such efforts will in fact result in a reduction of Client’s property taxes. Client will cooperate with Advance Investments Group to the reasonable extent requested by Advance Investments Group

Client shall compensate Advance Investments Group for its services as follows:

Client shall pay Advance Investments Group a contingent fee equal to 25% (twenty-five percent) of the 2014/2015 annualized property tax savings achieved as a result of the filing of the Application. This contingent fee shall be payable to Advance Investments Group upon successful reduction of the Assessment by the Assessment Appeals Board. Advance Investments Group is not responsible for the issuance of refund or reduction. Refunds and reductions are processed directly from the County Tax Assessor Office.

Client shall owe NO FEES to Advance Investments Group if Advance Investments Group is unsuccessful in obtaining a lowered assessment of the above referenced property. In the event that taxes are delinquent, our fee is payable upon written notice from the Assessment Appeals Board and/or the Assessor’s Office of the lowered assessment.

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